Information for our members

This bulletin is published three times a year to provide you with information about AVF-BGO and its many activities, outings and other events. For newcomers and "old hands" alike, here are some hints how to get the most from the association..

Insurance : L'AVF-BGO carries liability insurance to cover its responsibility for accidents or mishaps in the course of association activities.
This insurance does not cover damages caused by individual members of the association.. It is therefore the responsibility of each member to verify that they are adequately covered for personal liability in case of an accident or other mishap.

Registrations : All payments to AVF (e.g. for registrations for activities or outings, membership, etc.) must be made by cheque, payable to "AVF-BGO." Many activities have limited places available, so be sure to sign up early.

For mums with young children : You can find a multilingual community ready to help you with advice and local information at "Jeunes Mamans", as well as activities that include your little ones.

Foreigners should contact the “Conversation Française” group, no matter what your level of competence with the French language. This is not only a chance to practice your spoken French, but also a fun way to learn about life in France.

For all newcomers, feel free to sample the many activities available. The walks (marches) and hikes (randonnées) require no pre-registration and are a great way to learn your way around the area while making new friends.

The AVF calendar :
There are no AVF activities on public holidays or during the school vacation periods. School holidays and vacation periods are indicated on the calendar in this bulletin.

Suggestions, ideas, questions etc. : The hostesses at permanences are available to answer questions or take ideas and suggestions. Contact the activity leaders (animateurs) regarding specific activities.














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