Welcome to AVF Bures-Gif-Orsay


What is AVF ?

A national network of 350+ AVFs (Accueils des Villes Françaises)
· Making relocation easier.
· Offering a unique service to newcomers.

Objectives of the association:
· Welcome and assist the newcomer, whether from another town in France, or
from another country in the world.
· Help newcomers establish friends and contacts in their new area..
· Develop a base of competent, well-trained volunteers ready to welcome and
assist newcomers in the area..

Resources at your disposal:
Before arrival : A "pré-accueil" service is available on the Internet, including
local information and answers to your questions available for the asking.

On arrival : Personal attention providing you with the information you need to get
settled into a new area..
- At each permanence, well qualified volunteers to listen to and respond to
your questions.
- Activities, receptions and outings to help you get to know your new area and
the people who live there.

On departure : If you’re moving to another town in France, a personal contact
with the AVF in your new area.












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